Welcome! My name is Jonas. I am founder, manager, equity trader and blogger.


I founded my first start up with 18 years.

I hosted public events in Potsam & Berlin with my brand "Ivents Department".


I was 3rd-league field & indoor hockey-player.

I coached children between 6 and 16 years.


I was student of law for two semesters. I decided freely to exmatriculate.

Currently I study business economics.


I am blogger, manager and founder.

Several trading portfolios are managed by me.


I am responsible for marketing at the venture capital company

Blume Beteiligungs Gesellschaft and

for the companies Apoland and Boxhotel.


I hope you like my website. Feel free to read my story.

JfH Market Trading

Check out my public portfolio. Trace my strategy and actions. Follow my equity market performance.

Wikifolio is social network for trader and investors. Trader offer own portfolios, present their trading strategies and skills and trade public visible. Investors can trace and invest in wiki-certificates to profit by the performance. Check out my own portfolios and maybe you are interest in investing in my JfH Market Wikifolio.

The Contrarian Trading Model (ConTraMo) is a countercyclical Trading System. In 2016 the comparison-index 'DAX' was outperformed by more than 800% in points. The trading system connects contrarian and only-long strategies. There are constant news and blogs on facebook and inside trading about new charts, trades and marks.

Inside Trading is a platform for financial and economic topics. Founded in 2015 the goal is to convey knowledge about finance and investing easily. Inside Trading offers areas for stock trading, daytrading, chart-analytics and a lot of more things. Furthermore, the start-up is host of the german trading championships.

Stay in touch - the next project is in progress.

Höfgen Blog

My Blog is about capital market, stock exchange and several other topics. I like to communicate my thoughts.