Welcome! My name is Jonas. I am founder, manager, equity trader and blogger.


I founded my first start up with 18 years.

I hosted public events in Potsam & Berlin with my brand "Ivents Department".


I was 3rd-league field & indoor hockey-player.

I coached children between 6 and 16 years.


I was student of law for two semesters. I decided freely to exmatriculate.

Currently I study business economics.


I am blogger, manager and founder.

Several trading portfolios are managed by me.


I am advertising director at the venture capital company

Blume Beteiligungs Gesellschaft and responsible

for the companies Apoland and Boxhotel.


I hope you like my website. Feel free to read my story.

JfH Market Trading

Check out my public portfolio. Trace my strategy and actions. Follow my equity market performance.

I was founder and manager from 2012 to 2014 with a start ups for event management.

I study business economics at the university of applied science Magdeburg-Stendal since 2014.

I am writer and blogger for various websites. My topics are capital market and stock exchange.

Höfgen Blog

My Blog is about capital market, stock exchange and several other topics. I like to communicate my thoughts.