Jonas Höfgen

Economic student, trader and operative manager.


My name is Jonas Frederik Höfgen. I am born in November 5th 1993 in Berlin.

When I was young I played soccer in different clubs and went to the basic school “Insel-Schule Töplitz” next to Potsdam. Normally East German children attend the basic school for six years. But after four years I entered the program for talented kids at the private protestant high school Hermannswerder. I received my high school graduation (A-level) in 2012. Some years before that I stopped playing soccer and started to play field- & indoor-hockey.

What happend after my graduation? On the first hand I made a voluntary social year in sports for my hockey-club (Potsdamer SU). My job was to train kids between 6 and 16 years and to organize training, games, trips and competitions. As a consequence thereof I took the popular sports certificate by the german Olympic Union.

On the other hand I founded the “Fritzlar & Höfgen GbR” in 2012. We made public events in regional clubs (RnB, House & Hip Hop) in Potsdam and Berlin.  Furthermore  we managed  amateur  fashion and  catwalk models all over germany with the brand 'Sacred Models Management'.

I started to study business economics in 2015 at the university of applied science Magdeburg-Stendal (Sachsen-Anhalt). I was  elected member of the student association at my university of applied science. I continued my studies in 2017 at the  private university of applied science 'PFH Göttingen'. End of 2020 i reached my bachelor's degree. My thesis dealt with the topic of the unique japanese economic crisis since 1990. My thesis received the best possible grade - 1.0.

Furthermore, between 2015 and 2017, I was trader and blogger for financial topics. I published more than 100 articles, newsletters and pdf-magazines. On the platform Wikifolio i am offering public funds to show my performance and  to make possible to invest in my idears.

Between 2016 and 2019 I was working as operative manager for the upcomming BoxHotel Chain. I was responsibe to manage the 100-bed BoxHotel in Göttingen with a dozen of employees and about 15,000 guests every year. Furthermore i were in charge for human resources, controlling and it-development at the holding.

In July 2020 i started to work for the industrial laundry company "Wäscherei Hesse" in Dransfeld. As process designer, process manager and assistant system administrator i take care for the digital and processual development.

In August 2020 i opened my new own business "JfH Börsenprodukte und -dienstleistungen - Inh. Jonas Höfgen". This company operates several online shops and platforms for economic and stock market related topics.