These are the projects I am currently working on.


index-based fund manager

After publishing more than 100 economic articles, it is possible to follow my trades and performance in my wikifolio-depots.

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Cybr Lions Club

entrepreneur organisation

A group of managers and entrepreneurs connected by friendship, visions and the goal to found new start-ups. Together these guys build up the Cybr Lions community.

Göttingen Generals

american football

Active as member of the team and in charge to support, realize and develope marketing, sponsoring and team & oppenent analytics.

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online shop sells products investors and traders need. Merch, books, magazines and more . Possible to find in one shop.

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JfH Research

economic research

JfH Research is a service company and blog for economic research. This website is not focused on quantity but quality of its research projects.

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Die Börsen Liga

trading competition

Since 2015 traders compete in this league to find out, which trading and investment strategie is the best and why. Goal is to translate everyones trading in a comparable point system to support helpfull analysis and discussion.

Peter Procurement Solutions

industrial procurement

PPS organizes the procurement of industrial parts for small, middle and big companies. I am active for company development, operations and order processing.

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Göttingen Corporate Finance

m&a boutique

Göttingen Corporate Finance is a leading advisory firm for small to midcap technology driven companies.
We provide M&A, fundraising and strategic advisory to
exceptional entrepreneurs and companies.